Cloud PMS: From ‘insecurity’ to ‘in security’

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When it comes to Hotel Management software on Cloud or popularly known as Cloud PMS, most businesses even today have some data privacy and security issues in their mind. And understandably, businesses in the hospitality industry need to be more cognizant of the following exposures as Cloud PMS can not be ignored for its wide range of benefits.

1) Anywhere access. Exposing their invaluable data to the Internet that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.

2) Server Security. Data on servers that are connected to the Internet can be hacked and all the data can just go in one single attack.

With solving of the above two issues, rest of the life becomes a cakewalk.

There are many solutions that restrict the usage of Cloud PMS from unauthorized machines. Solutions such as binding of the IP or Mac addresses with the software. But does this make Cloud PMS 100% secured? Well, no. Cloud PMS can be mapped and accessed from anywhere in the world and the only thing that the person needs to know is the User ID & Password and the IP or Mac addresses. Surprisingly, many Hoteliers are unaware of this break. What is important to note is that while there are many solutions, the trustworthy one’s are the most difficult ones to crack. Advanced software like Microsoft Silverlight is one such tool. It was initially made to stop unauthorised downloads of Audio & Video files on the internet and has been very useful in Cloud PMS too.

Similarly, Server Security issue also requires one to choose its server wisely. Especially when there are plethora of server options available in the market from small to medium to big one’s. Choose the one’s on which the world relies upon, literally blindly. For e.g. Amazon Web Services / AWS, Microsoft and Linux. The best one’s like AWS have stand by servers and stand by data centers in case of any breach or downtime. The best one’s have the best tech team to handle any situation 24 X 7 with alerts of any Spams or Viruses and respective resolutions coming in few minutes.

As a result the data back up and its security remains mostly intact. Plus Cloud PMS comes with its own security benefits like making the data ‘Non Downloadable’ and providing alerts on access from unauthorized machine’s.