“Cloud” – Game Changer for the Hospitality Industry

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Game Changer: a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.

Telephone was a game changer for the communication industry, motor vehicles for the transportation industry and computer for almost every industry. Lately, internet has enabled us to do things previously thought as impossible and made us more productive. Using the cloud for your business in these times is more of a necessity than a luxury.

What the cloud does essentially is to remove the need to have local software and hardware. This enables you to use the software programs from almost anywhere. With InnkeyPMS, hotels do not need any local servers or complicated hardware. Everything is managed by us on the cloud. All hoteliers have to do is login from their computers and start managing their hotels. It’s really that simple.

An important question to ask here is about the security of cloud. In short, very secure. We at Innkey know how important and valuable their data is to hotels and take all the necessary steps to protect the same. All the data at Innkey is encrypted, making it safe while being transported. We also take hourly backups to ensure that hotels never lose their data.

All this cutting edge technology and security makes the cloud sound almost unaffordable to hoteliers. It is quite the opposite. With the capital expenditure of hardware and licenses eliminated, cost of operating in the cloud is reduced significantly.

This makes cloud a complete game changer for the hospitality industry. InnkeyPMS, through the cloud, securely delivers its integrated hotel management software to hotels. Moreover we hope that this helps hoteliers understand how InnkeyPMS helps its customers enhance their operations and provide exceptional hospitality to their guests.