Benefits of a cloud-based Hotel Management Software

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In our previous blog, “’Cloud’– Game Changer for the Hospitality Industry”, we gave an overview about the upcoming cloud technology and how it can help the hotels increase revenue and become operationally efficient. We also went through some of the advantages of operating in the cloud as compared to traditional offline systems. Along, the same lines, we are here today to take a closer look at the benefits of a cloud based Hotel Management Software.

Our Access Anywhere software allows busy hotel managers to completely manage the hotels from anywhere and any device. All they need is an internet connection. This is not possible in the traditional offline software. Whether you are attending a guest near the pool, or attending an off-site meeting, if you have your laptop or mobile and an internet connection you have all the data you need to manage the hotel right in your palm. InnkeyPMS also has a unique Mobile Alert App which prompts the concerned person with relevant updates of what is going on in the hotel. Managers can also approve certain permission oriented tasks from this app itself.

Managers, while travelling can easily see their hotels at a glance with the help of key metrics like occupancy, ARR and RevPAR.

As we had discussed in a blog post previously how hotels increase revenue and occupancy with the help of 2-way real-time integration with OTAs and website booking engine. This also removes a lot of headache and overheads about updating the inventory and rates on each and every channel. Hoteliers know the challenge of updating room inventory on OTAs and other channels as even a delay of few minutes can result in overbooking in a festive season. A cloud based hotel management software like InnkeyPMS can easily solve this problem by integrating in real-time and 2-way with all the OTAs or other channels that a hotel uses. With traditional offline software, this was simply not possible. Couple this with our state of the art Revenue Management System and you can manage key performance metrics like ARR (Average Room Rate), Occupancy, RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) in real-time which ensures that you are maximizing every opportunity to generate revenue and increase profitability.

As hoteliers would know, offline legacy software have a cumbersome process of software upgradation. With cloud technology all the problems of compulsory downtime, IT expertise that are required for upgradation of software disappears. Updates in InnkeyPMS are seamless. You get the latest features in a seamless manner which saves the hotel operators’ precious time that they can use to entertain hotel’s guests.

Finally, a cloud-based Hotel Software make helping you with InnkeyPMS extremely easy and fast. No local onsite presence required. You can get support round the clock at no extra cost. This certainly cuts a lot of your expenses towards a hotel management software.

These are just some of the advantages of using InnkeyPMS, an integrated cloud-based Hotel Management Software. Rather than us describing how you can achieve profitability with InnkeyPMS, we suggest you experience InnkeyPMS and see for yourself. Click here for a personalized demo of industry’s leading hotel management software.