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Key Features

Issue based costing

  • Calculate food cost %age based on total quantity issued to kitchen divided by sales less tax.

  • Calculate food cost for each department separately like Indian, Mexican, Chinese

  • Option to input physical stock of kitchen to calculate net issue.


Recipe based consumption variance

  • Based on recipe entered for every menu item, and raw-material issues during the same period, system generate consumption variance report.

  • Variance calculated for quantity, value (based on last purchase price) and %age

  • Provide facility to consider closing stock, salvage, spoilage to calculate net consumption

  • Consumption variance can be calculated for individual department separately


Operational Profit & Loss Account

  • Calculate net income by subtracting taxes, discounts, complementary from total sales for the period

  • Calculate gross profit by subtracting raw-material cost from sales

  • Consider fixed cost like salary wages, electrical expenses, rent, maintenance etc.

  • Consider variable cost like water, pickle etc.

  • Profit can be calculated for each outlet or group of outlets