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Key Features

Operational Reports

  • Reservation

  • Registration

  • Manage Folio

  • Account Receivable

  • Statutory Reports


Group Handling

  • Group Booking

  • Partially Confirmed Booking

  • Group Check-In / Check-Out


Checkout Process

  • Dynamic view of guest folio with complete details of charges & settlements

  • InnkeyPMS provides facility to print a Performa copy of folio for verification, format is a look like statement and not like invoice

  • Before printing a guest folio it has to be settled with respected mode of payment

  • Only when the folio is fully settled system allows to print FINAL COPY of invoice

  • No amendments are allowed in the folio once the FINAL COPY has been printed

  • The only option left is CHECK-OUT


Cash Book

  • Manage all cash transactions at front desk

  • All expenses taken from front desk cash box are captured here

  • Voucher printing for all payments made

  • Receipt printing for all receipts made

  • Reconcile cash balance with physical cash count and generate variance

  • Shift closing / day closing cash book /reports


Manage Folio

  • InnkeyPMS provides comprehensive functionality to manage folio


Receipt & Vouchers

  • System prompts for customer search with comprehensive details like


Account receivable

  • Set list of customers/companies to allow credit with credit limits

  • Alert on mobile app on credit sale

  • Facility to email a copy of an invoice on credit sale

  • Statement of account with bill-wise details of outstanding

  • Option to send an email of the ‘outstanding statement’

  • Age analysis of total outstanding for every customers/companies


Customer Feedback

  • Design your own customer feedback form for room guest, restaurant guest and banquet guest

  • Capture the actual feedback given by guest

  • On checkout system email feed-back form on guest mobile, on submission it updates database automatically.

  • Item will be valued at ‘Cost Price’


Folio History

  • Dynamic search in folio history

  • New checkin/booking from history

  • Duplicate folio printing



  • InnkeyPMS support unlimited mode of settlement

  • Multiple settlements, refunds and paid-outs

  • Prompts for emailing receipt

  • Auto receipt number across the application