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Key Features


  • Define multiple stores like central store, housekeeping store, maintenance store to manage stock

  • Define multiple departments like, kitchen, bar, restaurant, housekeeping, maintenance, front desk etc.

  • Define unlimited store items along with classification and unit of measure

  • Link inventory items to store and department


Request Approval

  • Request raised from department to store for the items with quantity

  • Authorized person approves request with amendments in quantity

  • Store receives request, verifies the stock

  • Store raises purchase order based on request and stock at store

  • Authorized person approves order sent to vender

  • Material received at store, quantity, rate verified against PO at store


Manage Transaction Movement

  • Purchase & Purchase Return

  • Issue & Issue Return

  • Stock Transfer Store to Store

  • Stock Transfer Department to Department

  • Salvage & Spoilage at Store & Department


Physical Stock Verification

  • Take periodically physical stock

  • Enter physical stock into system, generate variance report with value

  • Stock variance report can be generate for each store and departments

  • Option to ‘synchronize’ physical stock with system stock

  • Generate adjustment entries by system to adjust stock

  • Physical stock will be carry forwarded as opening stock

  • Analyze overall stock various for the year.


Managing Stock

  • Define stock level parameters like

  • Define stock valuation method like 'moving-average', FIFO or LIFO

  • Periodical physical stock verification

  • Manage stock at department level

  • No discount allow after final bill printing

  • Stock issued from store to department will increase stock at respected department automatically

  • Based on recipe, system will reduce the stock at department

  • System allows salvage, spoilage at department to update the stock