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Key Features

Kitchen Order Ticket

  • Single touch item selection

  • Barcode based item selection

  • Dynamic item search across the menu

  • Allows entering KOT simultaneously from multiple terminals

  • Attached item modifier (Kitchen Instruction)

  • Facility to print KOTs at multiple locations based on item selection

  • Non-chargeable Order (KOT)

  • Shift an item to another bill/table

  • Split an items into multiple bills for single order/table

  • Associate waiter/server to a bill/table

  • Single button fast-moving item list

  • Item quantity with decimal

  • Order by value (where system calculates quantity)

  • Option to enter manual KOT number which can be printed on the bill

  • ‘Open Item’ – Out of menu item sales, where allows to input item name & price


Item Modifier (Kitchen Instruction to be printed on KOT)

  • Optional (on demand) modifier with selection of pre-defined list of instructions

  • Mandatory modifier – Prompts automatically on selection of an item to select from the pre-linked modifiers

  • Chargeable modifier – Prompts automatically on selection of an item to select one or many from the pre-linked modifiers with additional charges


Discount Policy

  • Single touch discount functionality – Amount or %age

  • Automatic discount to privileged customer

  • Item level discount – restrict discount on selected items

  • Do not allow any discount after bill printing

  • User level restriction to allow discount on bills

  • Define maximum discount allowed by user

  • Send alert on mobile for discount authorization, approval system within the mobile app


Item Cancellation

  • Item Cancellation (with reason)

  • Print ‘cancel KOT’ in kitchen

  • Does not allow to cancel an item for the quantity more than the order placed

  • Does not allow to add, modify or cancel an item after bill printing

  • Separate reports for ‘item cancellation’



  • Allows generating multiple bills for a single table/order

  • Allows setting ‘Auto-Split’ based on items like food & beverage separate bills

  • Option to print Performa bill for verification before final billing

  • No cancellation allowed after final bill printing

  • No discount allow after final bill printing

  • ‘Settle & Print’ together on single touch

  • Facility to print cash given by guest and amount (change) return on bill

  • Facility to restrict ‘Duplicate Bill’ on same day to avoid misuse of extra copy



  • Single touch settlement

  • Multiple settlements for single bill

  • On settlement system display amount (change) to be return to guest

  • System prompts for ‘TIP amount’ & charge-slip no in case of credit card settlement

  • System prompts for ‘Customer’ in case of credit settlement

  • Allows setting ‘Credit Limit’ and validating on credit settlement

  • Settlement against ‘Coupon’

  • Complementary settlement


Home delivery, Takeaway

  • Dynamic search for customer by name, address & mobile no.

  • Attach multiple address to single customer

  • Attach multiple mobile number to single customer

  • Prompts last order, favorite items and billing history

  • SMS notification on order confirmation, delivery and payment received

  • Advance booking, with confirmation SMS


Non-Chargeable KOT (Complementary)

  • Guest name and authorized person name is mandatory

  • No Invoice will be generated on this order

  • Separate daily report for operation control


Pricing Policy

  • InnkeyPOS allows multiple menus for single outlet with different price structure

  • ‘Happy Rate’ for happy hours sales

  • ‘Cost Price’ for non-chargeable sales

  • Special promotional price for the selected items for the selected period

  • Restrict discount on pre-set items list


Tax Implication

  • Item level tax definition

  • Allows multiple tax structures and ‘tax on tax’

  • Support ‘Tax after discount’ and ‘Tax before discount’

  • Support rate ‘Inclusive of Tax’, where system calculates taxes

  • ‘Tax Exemption’ for special category list ‘Diplomats’ ‘VVIP’

  • Separate tax report


Shift/Day Closing

  • Input ‘Physical Cash Count’ on shift closing, system generates cash variance report

  • System do not allow to close the shift if an bill is open

  • System do not allow to close the day if shift is open


Mobile Alerts

  • Integrated mobile app, alerts user on every event being happening at the restaurant like cancellation, complementary, discount and voids


Cash Book

  • Manage cash sheet for the shift/day, opening balance carry forwarded from previous shift/day and transactions during the period

  • Option to generate receipts and payment vouchers

  • Automatically reflects cash shortage/excess basis of physical cash entered on shift/day closing.


Account receivable

  • Set list of customers/companies to allow credit with credit limits

  • Alert on mobile app on credit sale

  • Facility to email a copy of an invoice on credit sale

  • Statement of account with bill-wise details of outstanding

  • Option to send an email the ‘outstanding statement’

  • Age analysis of total outstanding for every customers/companies


Operational Reports

  • Sales Summary – List of bills with basic details grouped by mode of settlements

  • Bill-Wise Sales – List of bills with details of gross, various taxes, discounts, final bill value

  • Item-Wise Sales – List of items with total quantity sold with value grouped by menu heads

  • Cancellation – List of item cancelled with complete details date, time, cashier, waiter etc.

  • Complementary – List of item served free with details like name of guest, authorized person

  • Cash Book – List of cash transaction during the day to match closing cash balance

  • Tax Summary – List various taxes collected and its basis of calculations

  • KOT Register – List of KOT raised with item details


Customer Loyalty Program

  • Fixed discount scheme – on selection of customer system applies fixed discount on bill

  • Credit point scheme – System can be configured to give credit points to customer on sales which can be redeemed in next sale

  • Pre-paid card scheme – System allows pre-loading the amount deposited on privilege card with extra bonus credit. This card can be used to settle future bills.

  • Happy hours scheme – System allows to define happy hours for the period, week days where billing will be done with pre-defined discounted rate