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Key Features

Reservation & Registration

PMS is a cloud hotel management system which ensures quick reservation with clear rate and availability monitors and minimum initial reservation details required. Confirmation letters are sent with a click and online payment accepted even for bookings made over the phone.
  • Prompt for ‘customer database search’ for existing customer

  • Booking from agent/corporate, InnkeyPMS picks up contracted rate if any

  • Assign commission applicable to agent if any

  • On selection of appropriate rate structure, InnkeyPMS prompts ‘rate inclusion’

  • Rate negotiation option by %age discount, lump sum amount or inclusive of tax

  • Option to select extra services offered to guest

  • Room preference or auto allocation

  • Guest classification, VIP, VVIP, diplomats

  • Special instruction to front-desk, F&B, Housekeeping

  • Assign booking status like CONFIRM, HOLD, WAITLISTED


Booking confirmation

Booking groups of travellers is easier than ever, whether organized TA tourists, independent parties, or special occasions or events. Reservations are added or taken out of a group with a few clicks and all routine operations are performed en masse with the special mass functions. Group folios allow routing of charges and checking out with delayed payment.
  • Prompt for ‘customer database search’ for existing customer

  • Special instruction to front-desk, F&B, Housekeeping

  • Automatic generation of confirmation email and SMS

  • Automatic reminder for sending advance reminder to direct booking guestd

  • Automatic reminder for sending ‘Booking Voucher’ to travel agent

  • Direct confirmation to guest without financial info in case of agent booking


Cancellation Policy

Booking guarantees and deposits are handled easily through straightforward procedures. Advanced payments can be accepted through certified portals or secure card payments and used to cover charges at the hotel. Deposit pro-formas and invoices are issued with a couple of clicks. Special reports give detailed information on guaranteed bookings, deposit payments, and documents.
  • InnkeyPMS provides facility to define unlimited cancellation policies in terms of

  • InnkeyPMS allows to attach policy to rate plan

  • InnkeyPMS also allows to override standard policy and customize it at booking level

  • Calculation of ‘Retention Charge’ in the event of cancellation.


Rate Offered

As one of its main goals Clock PMS provides the tools for time- and cost-efficient front desk. Routine operations, like room assignment and check-in, can be automated for speedier booking, or done manually for customized service. Efficiency also defines the e-signed registration cards, which in the case of groups can be printed out in batches.
  • InnkeyPMS provides facility to select rate plan pre-defined into system

  • On selection of rate plan system prompts for list of services included

  • InnkeyPMS also allows customized rate plan at the time of reservation by selecting various meals and special services

  • Rate negotiation option by



PMS is a cloud hotel management system which ensures quick reservation with clear rate and availability monitors and minimum initial reservation details required. Confirmation letters are sent with a click and online payment accepted even for bookings made over the phone.
  • InnkeyPMS provide facility to define unlimited corporate rates in terms of

  • On selection of corporate while booking InnkeyPMS prompts all rates associated with it

  • InnkeyPMS also provides facility to assign multiple contact details and link with booking


Customer database

The housekeeping status of each room can be tracked in the special Housekeeping report. Clock PMS being a mobile hotel system, housekeeping staff can change this status on the go, as soon as a room is cleaned or inspected. The Housekeeping live monitor reflects every change in real time, so Reception is always up-to-date on the readiness of the rooms.
  • System prompts for customer search with comprehensive details like


Special services

Attracting as many guests as possible to your hotel gets harder and trickier with each season. Clock PMS is the hotel software that gives you the revenue optimization tools you need. Its advanced rate management module lets you maximize your sales and make sure your services are enjoyed by an ever growing number of leisure and corporate travellers.
  • Define various services that can be provided to guest

  • Assign this services to rate as ‘INCLUSION’ with frequency

  • Facility to defined chargeable services with rates

  • Create any package with combination of these services

  • At the time of booking user can negotiate, create any customized plan across the counter suitable to guest


Booking of Services/activity without Rooms

All guest information, like personal data, booking history, and special preferences is stored in the system to help you provide custom service to loyal clients. Company profiles store billing details, contract terms and rates, and commission rates to let the system calculate standard and custom commissions to OTAs. Master folios with charges routed from corporate bookings and deposit folios with advance payments are also stored there, together with information about all received payments. Payments that are still due are tracked in the designated Accounts Receivable report.
  • InnkeyPMS allows booking of services without rooms like local site seen, safari, and adventure activity etc.

  • OnComplete booking functionality like special rate, advance, status of booking etc

  • Booking confirmation email, reminder

  • Booking billing and settlement