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Key Features

Reservation & Registration

  • Prompt for ‘customer database search’ for existing customer

  • Booking from agent/corporate, InnkeyPMS picks up contracted rate if any

  • Assign commission applicable to agent if any

  • On selection of appropriate rate structure, InnkeyPMS prompts ‘rate inclusion’

  • Rate negotiation option by %age discount, lump sum amount or inclusive of tax

  • Option to select extra services offered to guest

  • Room preference or auto allocation

  • Guest classification, VIP, VVIP, diplomats

  • Special instruction to front-desk, F&B, Housekeeping

  • Assign booking status like CONFIRM, HOLD, WAITLISTED


Booking confirmation

  • Prompt for ‘customer database search’ for existing customer

  • Special instruction to front-desk, F&B, Housekeeping

  • Automatic generation of confirmation email and SMS

  • Automatic reminder for sending advance reminder to direct booking guestd

  • Automatic reminder for sending ‘Booking Voucher’ to travel agent

  • Direct confirmation to guest without financial info in case of agent booking


Cancellation Policy

  • InnkeyPMS provides facility to define unlimited cancellation policies in terms of

  • InnkeyPMS allows to attach policy to rate plan

  • InnkeyPMS also allows to override standard policy and customize it at booking level

  • Calculation of ‘Retention Charge’ in the event of cancellation.


Rate Offered

  • InnkeyPMS provides facility to select rate plan pre-defined into system

  • On selection of rate plan system prompts for list of services included

  • InnkeyPMS also allows customized rate plan at the time of reservation by selecting various meals and special services

  • Rate negotiation option by



  • InnkeyPMS provide facility to define unlimited corporate rates in terms of

  • On selection of corporate while booking InnkeyPMS prompts all rates associated with it

  • InnkeyPMS also provides facility to assign multiple contact details and link with booking


Customer database

  • System prompts for customer search with comprehensive details like


Special services

  • Define various services that can be provided to guest

  • Assign this services to rate as ‘INCLUSION’ with frequency

  • Facility to defined chargeable services with rates

  • Create any package with combination of these services

  • At the time of booking user can negotiate, create any customized plan across the counter suitable to guest


Booking of Services/activity without Rooms

  • InnkeyPMS allows booking of services without rooms like local site seen, safari, and adventure activity etc.

  • OnComplete booking functionality like special rate, advance, status of booking etc

  • Booking confirmation email, reminder

  • Booking billing and settlement